Roasted unpeeled Cashews Introduction

Unpeeled cashews are chosen carefully and roasted with lightly salt by our traditional receipts in order to keep its needed freshness, buttery and crispy flavor. Salted unpeeled cashews can preserve its natural taste longer than the peeled ones. Unpeeled cashews exported by Vinamex is one of our best-selling product. It offers clients nutritional values as well as cultural value of Vietnamese identity.

Vinamex commits to export high quality cashews complied with food safety standards in a professional manner. Our export products are planted and harvested by trained and experienced famers from southern Vietnam cities. We are also careful in selecting and classifying cashews in order to offer our international consumers premium size and quality salted unpeeled cashews. With our classic receipts passed down through generations, we still keep the traditional flavor of Vietnamese cashews: “crispy, tasty, buttery taste without conservatives”. Products are strictly complied with Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 (by Australia).

We always comply with our commitments, so as to offer international customers the best quality cashews with the fastest and the most convenient methods in delivery and payment processes. With its worldwide prestige, unpeeled cashews exported by Vinamex receive trustworthy from international consumers.

Other products:

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    • Wasabi coated cashews

    • Natural- flavor roasted cashews

    • Salted roasted cashews

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    • Roasted unpeeled cashews

  • Raw cashews kernels:

    • White whole cashews kernels

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    • Dessert whole cashews kernels

    • Light blemish whole cashews kernels

    • Butt & Split cashews kernels

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