VINAMEX SPRL- a cashews-focus company, is well-known by international partners thanked to its quality products and prestige brand. Vinamex only exports cashews products that strictly complied with food hygiene safety standards. Cashew is one of the instant food originated from plants, so its nutritional value must be preserved entirely in order to be useful for consumers’ health. Vinamex commits to offer the difference in every product by improving our products quality and competitive prices.

VINAMEX SPRL is a member of VINACAS (Vietnam Cashew Association) and is also its representative office in Belgium.

Natural- flavor Roasted Cashews Introduction

Natural- flavor roasted cashews are produced by modern mechanical technology; that’s why it can preserve the freshness and mouth-watering taste of natural cashew, without salt or other ingredients. Natural- flavor roasted cashews with its tasty and crispy flavor are completely free- additives, free- conservatives, free-coloring and 100% natural product. Products are strictly complied with Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 (by Australia). This precious product range is perfectly suitable for consumers preferring cashew’s natural taste.

According to Nutsforlife (Australia), each day you only need to eat 30g of cashew, amount of a handgrip, in order to provide enough natural mineral for healthy and active body. Cashew containing fiber, protein, antioxidants and monounsaturated fat sources that are good for cardiovascular system.

If you prefer cashew’s natural taste and don’t have time to peel its shell, this is yours optimize choice. This product also suitable for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.

With its worldwide prestige, Natural- flavor cashews exported by Vinamex receive trustworthy from international consumers.

Other products:

  • Sterilized cashews:

    • Honey roasted cashews

    • Wasabi coated cashews

    • Natural- flavor roasted cashews

    • Salted roasted cashews

    • Unsalted roasted cashews

    • Salted fried cashews

    • Roasted unpeeled cashews

  • Raw cashews kernels:

    • White whole cashews kernels

    • Scorched whole cashews kernels

    • Dessert whole cashews kernels

    • Light blemish whole cashews kernels

    • Butt & Split cashews kernels

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